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Just coming for a few bites and wine? Or would you rather taste everything and share? Or let us create a surprise menu because you can’t choose? You decide!



olives   3


2/4/6/8 cheeses with toast   8/16/23/31

*lactose, gluten


Dutch charcuterie with toast and pickles   10


smoked wild wad oysters   3.5 a piece

**on Thursdays for 2 a piece

chickpea tofu with red cabbage   7

*garlic, onion, sesame


tinned pepus ‘sardinas en aceite vegetal’ with goat yoghurt and lime   9

*gluten, lactose

sourdough bread with hay butter   5

*lactose, gluten (gluten free bread available)



RETTICH / cauliflower / tarragon / mustard   10


PURPLE CARROT / samphire / beurre blanc / berries   10

*onion, lactose

POINTED CABBAGE / apple  / chestnut / clove   12

*onion, gluten

CHAR SIU / kimchi / miso  12

mushrooms / beans / brioche   

*miso, soja, oestersauce, gluten, garlic, onion, sesame

MUSSELS / leek / eel / fennel   13

*shellfish, onion

OCTOPUS / jerusalem artichoke / coconut / bay leaf / paprika   15

*paprika, onion

GREY MULLET / opperdoezer / red onion / olive / corn   14


PORK CHIN / kohlrabi / chimichurri / langoustine-oil   14

*crustacean, onion, garlic

RUNDERTONG / ansjovis / selderij / daikon / zeewier 13

*lactose, egg, fish, celery, onion



PARSNIP / chickpea / coffee / star anise   6


CACAO / fennel seed / pear / black peper   6

*lactose, gluten


2/4/6/8 CHEESES with toast   8/16/23/31

*lactose, gluten

*allergens in the dishes, some substitutes are possible



No fuss at café SAAR, but simply good food and drinks.

A cozy spot just outside the busy city center. 

With a great love for cheese and natural wine.

Wherever possible, we choose to collaborate with small

suppliers that cultivate sustainable and clean produce.

We work alongside the seasons, creating pure and concentrated flavors. 

That’s how we keep it simple, yet special; with quality,

love and attention in the leading role. 

 All of this on the most beautiful corner of Utrecht. At least, we think so.


34 seats inside & 16 on our semi covered terrace.

Sandri, Taco, Judith, Joren & Rive behind the stove. 

Sandra, Alexandra, Diana, Rinck & Ruby at the front of the house.

our kitchen is open on

TUESDAY - FRIDAY 17:00-22:00

SATURDAY 16:00-22:00



If you want to be assured of a spot on the weekend, book a table on time.

With groups of 6 or more we always serve a 4-course menu, the price varies
€38-42pp. After you've made the reservation, we will email you
with more information.


You can book a table on our website for up to 6 people, groups of 7 and more?

Send a request at hallo@cafesaar.nl.



This is possible on Sundays and Mondays when we’re closed. We can set up

private parties and dinners for 25 people or more. To see what we can do for you,

email us at hallo@cafesaar.nl or give us a call. 



For any other questions, please email us at hallo@cafesaar.nl or call

at 030 633 6783. We’re available on the phone from Tuesday until Saturday

between 15-17, afterwards we’re busy pouring wine for our guests.

However, if it’s an urgent request, you can call in the evenings.

(Sundays and Mondays we’re resting and spending time with friends and family).
Our address is Catharijnesingel 81.



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